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Vegetation Pack

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This is our first Pack fully dedicated to Vegetation: 60+ Hand-Drawn trees, bushes, plants, and pots!

The content of this pack was carefully created and vectorized by the Upstairs Team, containing a wide variety of types of plants and species to suit your needs whether you're stylizing a section, a render, or making a collage!

10 Trees + 34 Plants + 6 Bushes + 15 Pots to use with the plants 

Make it your own!

Alongside PNG and PDF files, this pack also includes the Adobe Illustrator file with the original paths so you can adapt and personalize the figures.

Included in the Standard version of the pack you’ll find:

  • Adobe Illustrator file with Original Paths
  • Adobe Illustrator file with White Fill figures
  • Adobe Illustrator file with Silhouettes
  • White Fill figures in PNG
  • White Fill figures in PDF
  • Silhouettes in PNG
  • Silhouettes in PDF

On the Premium version, you get:

  • Everything in the Standard Pack
  • Adobe Illustrator file with Colored figures
  • Colored figures in PNG
  • Colored figures in PDF
  • Brush set with all the figures, ready to import to Adobe Photoshop

Serious About Precision: Every Element in This Pack is Crafted with Perfection.

Elevate your design toolkit with our Vegetation Pack! Save time, enhance your creativity, and ensure your work shines with high-quality, stylized figures. Perfect for architects and designers who value both efficiency and aesthetic!

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Here's what you'll get in this pack:

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Vegetation Pack

5 ratings
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