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Isometric Urban Pack

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Could you imagine having everything needed to make your isometric surroundings full of details? This pack is focused on the urban area of your diagram!

You'll get all files images in High-quality PNGs (no background) and PDFs. Plus the 3D/Sketchup file and even the customizable Illustrator file!


20 Unique Objects in all isometric views (4x)

All images were carefully created by our team. The objects have fills so it is better to insert them in your diagrams, and they have also been configured with the perfect line thickness according to their size. But all of that can be edited according to your needs.

Here's a detailed list:
(You can also check the preview images above)

  • Vehicles: 2 Types of Cars, 1 Bus, 1 Truck, and 1 Bike.
  • Urban Furniture: 1 Bike Rack, 4 Types of Benches, and 2 Trash cans.
  • Street Accessories: 2 Types of Street Lamps, 1 Street Light, 1 Stop Sign, and 1 Bus Stop.

 ↑  All of this both in White and Black style!

  • Vegetation: 4 Types of Trees, in short, or tall versions. And in 3 different styles! White, Hatch/Lines, and Black.

* The trees are the only objects that weren't modeled in 3D, because we wanted them to look a bit 2D. But don't worry, everything is in the Illustrator file so that you can edit according to your needs.

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Isometric Urban Pack

42 ratings
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