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200+ Objects Plan Pack

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This is not one more of those endless generic CAD file packs that you see all over the internet! Those files that have no intention and focus on quantity over quality. No! We decided to do it differently.

This is an exclusive and unique pack! All objects were drawn by the Upstairs team. They were carefully created to suit an architect's needs. Over 200 objects in several different categories: 

  • Sofas (16)
  • Armchairs (8)
  • Chaises (8)
  • Chairs (12)
  • Stools (8)
  • Tables (15)
  • Benches (12)
  • Kitchen (11)
  • Bathroom (9)
  • Beds (8)
  • Extras - Rugs, lamps, recreational, and storage (23)
  • Miscellaneous - Decoration, electronics, accessories, and more (33)
  • People (9)
  • Vegetation - Large, medium, and small (41)
  • Scale bars (6)

We chose to include design furniture. Not just generic pieces. Good design makes the whole process and layout composition much better.

All objects were drawn in Adobe Illustrator with proper line width and white background, which makes it totally customizable and scalable. Take advantage of that to place them in your plan.

The furniture was created on a 1:50 scale (metric system) so that the PNG files are up to scale (300 dpi) and ready to use. But if you need to change the size, we've got you covered! You can do it directly in Adobe Illustrator using the scale tool; use the PDFs that were individually exported; or even use the DWG file that comes with this pack. All options are available.

Since vegetation (plants and trees) may vary a lot in size, they were drawn with rough measurements. So make sure to adjust them to your design if needed.

Last but not least, all objects were carefully drawn (some hand-drawn) by the Upstairs team, this is a very unique set of assets to help you create amazing plans.

Interested in understanding our single-person license and what's not permitted? Check out our Terms of Use here to review usage guidelines and restrictions.

Thank you so much for supporting this platform.

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200+ Objects Plan Pack

27 ratings
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